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Remitra Cash Flow Optimizer Changes the Game for Healthcare Suppliers

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Receive guaranteed on-time or advance term payments to increase cash control and forecasting.

Lower Your Cost Per Order

Aggregate transactions across multiple buyer accounts and stop chasing collections and exceptions.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Eliminate credit risk and greatly reduce the possibility for exceptions through automation

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Eliminate the manual burdens of collections and exception handling, freeing precious time for more meaningful tasks.

Get Paid Faster with Fewer Match Exceptions

“When it comes to transacting and doing business, healthcare is so far behind other industries, it’s incredible. We need to get to the place where retail is today. What’s going to get us there is an automated platform like Remitra. When providers and suppliers can conduct business on a common platform designed to solve the billions of price discrepancies that bottleneck the healthcare supply chain every year, we will have revolutionized the way we work together.12

– Marian Favors, Executive Director, Customer Support Operations KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America Inc.

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