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Groundbreaking Technology that Streamlines the P2P Process ​

Health systems now have a better way to manage their entire Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) process and it doesn’t matter which ERP you’re using or which GPO you’re affiliated with. Remitra is a new tech-enabled solution that helps health systems focus on patient care instead of invoice processing. Our innovative technology is not only AI-enhanced, cloud-based and ERP-agnostic, but it was designed specifically to address the complex challenges facing todays’ health systems. The intuitive platform provides 360º visibility from the minute an invoice is entered until it’s paid and because Remitra is paperless, the entire process is faster and more efficient meaning your team spends less time focusing on manual processes and more time on patient care.

Digital Transformation at All Points of the Order-to-Payment Cycle

EDI and Non-EDI Exchange

Bringing together all suppliers regardless of their EDI capabilities in a secure, standardized digital exchange of data.


Digitizing invoices reduces errors, provides order insight and keeps you on contract.


Paying suppliers faster and uncovering possible rebate revenue with digital payments.

Receipt of Product

Adding a layer of security ensuring what you order and receive reflects the contracted pricing in your ERP. 

Pricing and Contract Advantages

Offering expert negotiators that can obtain the best product at the best price.

Order Entry

Reducing pricing errors and increasing savings with built-in order checking.

Automate Manual Payment Processes and Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

What Healthcare Professionals Are Saying

“We discovered more than $7 million in avoidable overcharges. We needed to make a major change in the way we process invoices and payments. Between the visibility that was unlocked, and the collaboration that Remitra is bringing to the market, we are optimistic that the industry is on the precipice of tackling this systemic issue.3

– George Godfrey, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer at Baptist Health South Florida

Simon Dawkins

“This constant dispute resolution around the quote-to cash process rather than actually working together to focus on the patient frustrates both sides.4

– Simon Dawkins, Vice President, Healthcare Systems at Smith & Nephew

OCR Technology Built for Healthcare

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Templates pre-trained for healthcare vendors with enhanced logic to prevent errors.

e-Invoicing Auto Correction

Auto correct line #, UOM, item ID mismatches to reduce match errors in your ERP.

Non-Compliant Invoice Auto-Rejection

Suppliers are notified to electronically correct and resubmit invoices before they load in your ERP, reducing match failures and accelerating approvals.

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